Week 121: w/c 30 January 2012

Posted on by Denise Taylor

Life is busy, I’m still keeping up the exercise but with consultancy assignments it’s been harder to focus and I’ve had a bit more alcohol than I’d planned.

I’ve also been considering my future health goals. Do I want to continue to lose the final 11 pounds or am I happy where I am? I know the answer. I’m going to follow a maintenance programme which will alllow me more freedom.

As you can see I’m at week 121!!! and with so many days and nights away from home this is the perfect approach for now. I’ll review again mid March.

So today I had my oats, banana and prtein powder for breakfast, omlette, saland and brown rice for lunch and I’ll be having beef casserole and sprouts this evening. In between I’ll eat 10 almonds mid afternoon and another oats mix at 8.30pm.¬† This is quite similar to what I have been eating but in a different order. BUT when I’m away from home I won’t be so fixated on eating things right.

I’ll still weigh myself each¬†week to check how things are going. I don’t want to put weight on!

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