Week 119: w/c 16 January 2012

Posted on by Denise Taylor

Coming to the end of this week. I’ve gone back onto the regular 3 hour eating with a limited amount of carbs for most meals, such as a small amount of brown rice or gluten free oats.  I like this eating programme as I stay sated and that’s good. Simon however thinks I’m eating too much but with a 3 pound weight loss, I’d put weight on with going to the conference, all is good.

I’ve been at the gym almost every day. I’m busy but I’ve prioritised this, so twice I’ve done workouts with weights and the other days I’ve either been walking up hill 8-10% incline or one one day I played tennis.

I do so much walking up hill that walking at 6% feels like walking on the flat!

I’m not very good at tennis but I do like the idea of exercising out in the fresh air and I’m looking forward to Spring and Summer.

BTW Did you see The Biggest Loser – they exercise 4 hours a day! It’s not real.

Till next week

Denise x

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