Week 117: w/c 2 January 2012

Posted on by Denise Taylor

We got back home late morning on Tuesday 3 January and had
little sleep on an overnight flight.

As we drove back from the airport I checked I could see Emma
and have had 2 sessions at the gym with her this week.

We also enjoyed playing tennis on holiday and we able to get
a 1 hour lesson each day, we want to continue and to develop and arranged for
our first tennis lesson with a 2nd next week.

I knew I’d put weight on and it was worth than I’d expected.
I weighed myself on Wednesday and I was up by 7 pounds, but by today, Saturday I’ve
already lost 5 pounds.

You can’t put on this much fat in 2 weeks but I was holding
water and glycogen from the carbs and sugar, I’m expecting to lose the other 2
pounds by Wednesday next week.

I’ve gone back to my low carb diet

  • coffee on waking
  • egg and bacon for breakfast
  • protein shake after the gym
  • mackerel and salad for lunch
  • chicken and tomatoes mid afternoon
  • beef casserole for tea
  • handful of nuts in the evening
  • plus herbal tea and lots of water

Still tired though, but not wanting to work long hours, so
the pending pile remains.

Oh, had 2 sessios of fat busting weights and strnegth training with
Emma, really good to get my body challenged some more.

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