Week 116: w/c 26 December 2011

Posted on by Denise Taylor

The second week of our holiday and I’ve got a pattern – plenty of exercise which is good, eating too many nice things and drinking, not so good.


I had thought about being strict, but then decided that I deserve my holiday and I’m going to enjoy myself.

Wake, 2 cups of coffee then go to the gym – either weights or cardio. But it is a lot harder doing it in the heat!

A typical day is
Breakfast – glass of bucks fizz, plate of fresh fruit, scrambled eggs or egg white omelette with bacon or sausage
Mid morning handful of walnuts plus a cocktail, lots of water too
Brisk walk/jog along the beach, plus either a 30 minute swim or walk in the sea
Lunch: Big plate of salad with fish or salmon, plus cake and ice cream
Afternoon – one hour of tennis and 2nd swim, often 20 lengths of a 25 metre pool
Glass or 2 of wine before dinner
Martini in the martini bar – so many to choose from
3 course dinner with wine and coffee

A real benefit for me has been being able to relax. At the start of the holiday I was so stressed and I had a massage which really helped. I usually do trekking type holidays where we are busy doing and seeing places. I think it’s 7 or 9 years since we last did a beach holiday and I liked it.

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