Week 115: w/c 19 December 2011

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Last week was not great, having dropped below the 12 stone mark, I then had a frantic week of final amendments to my book and so many client sessions to complete that I only managed to get to the gym one day, Wednesday. I fully intended to weigh myself before leaving for our holiday but I forgot. Let me assume I’ve put on a couple of pounds and I’m back to 12 stone. I am bound to have put on something, and could even be more than this as I also haven’t slept well and only had about 4 hours sleep a night.

On Sunday (18th) we drove to Cheshire, met up with family for dinner and stayed overnight in a hotel before our flight to Jamaica. I think there was a party in the room next door as we were woken up in the night. I was tired when we woke. I’d brought along boiled eggs and ate 2 at about 6am, on the plane I was hungry and ate a 90gms bag of nuts at about 11. Lunch was ok but hungry mid afternoon. Not much choice of food to buy so I had a 50gms bag of nuts and a bag of minstrels, not the small size. Later I ate the other 2 boiled eggs as Simon didn’t want them. We got to the restaurant at about 7.30pm and I had fish and steamed veggies which was good, but then pudding and a glass of wine. Overall a very bad eating day.

On Tuesday, the first day in Jamaica, I opted for an egg white omelette for breakfast and some fruit but this wasn’t enough and I was ready for lunch at 12. I had jerk chicken with salad and a small helping of chips, then an ice cream cone. 3 course dinner but I only ate ½ the banana split. Alcohol was bad though – ½ bottle of red, a martini and then a glass of bubbly. However, I did 1 hour of weights in the gym, and a 30 minute tennis lesson and then swam for 500m – 20 lengths of a 25m pool.

Wednesday I did 50 minutes of walking up hill – first 2km with an 8% incline then dropped to 6%. It was so very hot. I had a bigger breakfast, fruit plate then scrambled eggs and bacon, then some gluten free bread with peanut butter. During the day I had a cocktail and a glass of fizz. I took 2 boiled eggs and some walnuts to have later as a snack. I ate the walnuts at 12 and then for lunch I had a big plate of salad and green beans with snapper, some chicken, a jacket potato and ricotta cheese. Then a small piece of cheese cake and a scoop of ice cream. We have a second tennis lesson at 3pm.

We are making excellent progress with tennis, hitting more balls and they are more likely to land within the court! Afterwards though my neck and shoulders really ached so I went to have a massage and skipped further exercise. Forgot, this morning I swam in the sea for at least 30 minutes. In our room we had a bottle of fizzy wine before dinner, umm I ate 1.5 small bread rolls, some potato with my dinner and cheese cake but all portions are small. But I had 2 more glasses of fizz and a glass of baileys in the evening. This is not good! How to stop drinking?

It’s now Saturday. I’m doing plenty of exercise – today I did weights first thing, after breakfast I did a brisk walk on the beach and then did a few sprints on the way back, I really look athletic. Then I did walking in the sea for about 30 minutes. This afternoon we played tennis for an hour and then I swam for 20 lengths, 250metres. Food was ok; breakfast was scrambled egg and bacon with a thin sausage plus fresh fruit and a piece of French toast. Lunch was beef, some potato and a large helping of Cauli cheese, my favourite, then some fruit salad, a small piece of pecan pie, really only 3 bits big at most but then I had a small helping of bread and butter pudding. No ice cream this afternoon, but a boiled egg and some nuts rather than biscuits after tennis. I’ve decided to have an alcohol free day today.

In the gym this morning a lady called Paula commented on how strong I was, doing walking lunges and she could see I was following programme. She is slim and says that she stays that way due to careful eating and if she eats more on holiday she also increases the exercise. Each time I saw here she was walking fast, going swimming, off to a spin class …

Sunday 25 December
Its Christmas day, but every day is the same for us on holiday. I did 1 hour of cardio – started with 10 minutes of walking at 6% then 30 minutes at 8% then last 10 minutes back to 6%. I felt like I was on the flat but it was definitely at 6%. I then did my power walk on the beach after breakfast, a tennis lesson in the afternoon and then swam 20 lengths. I’m not eating many carbs but I am having a small helping of pudding and ice cream each day. But I’m not giving up the alcohol.

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