Ready, Steady … are you committed?

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Today is a new day. It doesn’t matter if it is 07.00 or 7pm, we can make a commitment to become the fantastic person we are at any time.
You know you are fantastic already. You know you are a warm, lovable amazing person but sometimes the voice in your head tells you lots of negative stuff. We’ve got to ignore that nasty, hurtful voice. We’ve got to love ourselves more.
When we do love ourselves we will treat ourselves right, we will want to do the very best for us.

OrchidImagine you have bought a special plant, an orchid perhaps. It cost a fair bit and we want it to thrive, so we’ll make sure it gets enough sunlight, water and plant food.
We are so much more than a plant, and I want to help you to thrive and be amazing.

Ready to play along?

Firstly let’s think about our commitment. It took me years to lose 10 stone (140 pounds) and I did it a day at a time.

Sometimes I was fully focused, other times not. But I broke the goal down into chunks.
Rather than have a vague goal or an unrealistic goal, I want you to think of a time commitment. Let’s start with 6 weeks. Then we can review progress.
Are you willing to commit for a new, healthy you over the next 6 weeks. Are you willing to give 100% commitment to becoming great?
I’m going to do this along with you. I’m going to make the same commitment I’m asking you to do and each week we will share our progress – deal?

My Commitment

Goals written down stand a far greater chance of success than vague goals so I want you to write down something like my commitment
For the next 6 weeks …
1. I commit to making an accurate note of all my food and drink.
2. I commit to avoiding all alcohol.
3. I commit to avoiding anything that is sold as a diet product including diet drinks.
4. I will drink a litre of water for each 50 pounds of body weight.
5. I will write my blog and share helpful tips each day.
6. I will take a photo each week (just for my own benefit as I’ll be in my bra and pants!)
7. I promise to treat myself kindly and anytime the voice in my head starts on negative stuff I’m going to shout – SHUT UP! – Literally, where ever I happen to be.
8. I will walk for 2 miles each morning.
9. I will go to the gym 6 times a week – 2ce for cardio, 2ce for aqua aerobics and 2ce to work out with weights. This is from 1 June onwards, I froze my gym membership when I went into hospital.
10. I will weigh myself at the same time once a week, but I think it’s fine to weigh a few times in week one.

My goal is less about the weight I’ll lose but more about getting myself back on track with healthy eating. But there in an underlying goal to lose 9 pounds, which averages 1.5 pounds per week.
This is my commitment, and some of the points you will share, but perhaps I’m being too strict for you, I’m probably going to do more exercise!

So are you ready to commit?

The next post will be up early tomorrow.

Photo from – Praisaeng

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