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FAT to Fantastic was published on 11th January 2012. Feedback on the book includes:

Denise’s book is truly insprirational, I read it almost from cover to cover in one sitting it was so easy to read. The format (it is written like a blog) means that each entry is small and easy to digest. I have read many books and articles on weightloss over the years and this one just resonated so much with my own experiences that it could almost have been the story of my weight-loss life! Her determination, her sense of humour and her pathos makes her book a must-have read for anyone who has struggled with diet and exercise. Her bravery and honesty is a breath of fresh air and she has given me renewed determination to be in her shoes one day and achieve my own weightloss and fitness goals.

An honest and inspiring story that tells you in a warm and encouraging way the
truth about how to achieve the weight loss you want, in fact, how to achieve
anything you want! For anyone who is struggling with a lifelong weight problem
FAT to FANTASTIC will show you the way.
Sue Griffin, Author of Training the Over 50s: Developing Programmes for Older Clients (Fitness Professionals)

A really interesting read – the page layout is so good that you can just EAT through the pages (saves a fortunes on calories!)Its a very personal account of one woman’s journey but if you are in the same position, you just KNOW how she felt all along the way. Unlike most similar books, it gently explores the emotional side of being overweight and how that alone affects your daily life. Its more a self help book giving you achievable pointers on how to get into a better place. And most of all, learning to “love yourself” thinner!

A brave approach to hitting the landmark age and realising that healthy changes need to be made. I have loved reading this in diary form and seeing and understanding the struggles the author has met with in the approach to weight-loss. As an individual who needs to lose weight I felt it inspiring and helpful to know that I am not the only one who has battles with food cravings and urge to splurge on food whilst being stress. Although the methods used may not be for everyone it maintains the importance of exercise to balanced food ratio.

An impressive journey and inspiring those that have the cant do attitude and turn it to the can do!

Congratulations and thank you for writing your book. I have literally hundreds of diet books – this is the only one I’ve read to cover to cover!

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Denise, got your book today…grrrrrrrrrreat! I love the honest way you write, my husband sat down with it for 1/2 hour too! If you knew my husband you would be impressed with yourself!

Congratulations, Denise! You are AMAZING and a true inspiration to me. I have just ordered the book “Fat to Fabulous” and hope one day to meet you in person so I  can have it autographed!

OMG OMG OMG!!!!!  I am SOOOOOOO amazed and inspired.

‘You look amazing, what an accomplishment! It is hard to imagine you ever looked anything else but as trim as you were at the conference. Congratulations!’ :)

Great achievement.  Denise – which goes to show that as long as you make your goals realistic and stick with them it can be done. Right where’s my scales :-) Linzi

Wow! Awesome! You look amazing Denise! Website is fab. I’ll be ordering a book when I get home.  Am VERY proud of you x

Many congratulations on achieving your weight loss goal and getting your latest book published. I can well imagine the level of determination and commitment it must have taken to lose so much weight. I hope your story inspires others to follow your example.

Congratulations and thank you for writing your book.  I have literally hundreds of diet books – this is the only one I’ve read to cover to cover!