My weight loss update

Posted on by Denise Taylor

After my last mailing I was asked by several people for a personal update … so here it is.

I use Aria scales which are electronic and upload my weight to my PC and I can see my weight loss journey over the weeks, months and now years. You can’t cheat!

I also use a fitbit to measure steps and flights of stairs climbed, I could also use it to monitor sleep and food.

Well, had a party on Saturday and did eat some cake and wondered on my weight – would it have increased? I’m down 2 pounds since last Thursday and 36 pounds overall since when I went to Turkey last year and decided I had to pay attention to food and alcohol.

Today I see I’ve lost 36 pounds

weight loss graph

and I’m 2.5 pounds away from my goal of weighing 11 stone 07lb.

For me this is a perfect goal, and I intend to keep a ceiling of 11 stone 10 as it’s easy to lose 3 pound in a week if you have been a bit naughtly with bread, cake and alcohol for a couple of days.

It’s my birthday in about 4 weeks so I’m staying focused and if I lose a couple of pounds more I’m not going to complain but I don’t intend to aim for anything silly like to get below 11, I do want to enjoy my life and I’m very happy with how I now look.

All the best to you,

Denise x



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