Measuring progress

Posted on by Denise Taylor

How are you doing?

Have you been measuring your progress? Whenever we aim to lose weight and get fitter we should take measurements. This can include weight, our measurements but also to take account of how we feel.

Taking photos can also be helpful, and when I lose the 10 stone I was taking photos on a regular basis.

This time, with a goal of 16 pounds I’m focusing more on the weight on the scale, I need to get back under 12 stone and my goal is 11 stone 10, then if ever my scales start with 12 I know I need to take immediate acton.

I’ve been very focused, totally committed, and wanted this first week or so to show a significant weight loss and it has. I started on 22nd May, and today, just 9 days later I’ve lost 7 pounds so just 9 pounds to go. I’m aiming for 1-2 pounds a week from now on. I’m not going for the lowest calories I can manage on but making sure I make good food choices.

My last post shows I’m eating a lot! but smoked mackeral and a salad with lots of colour, including avocado. Yes I could have eaten ham and skipped the avocado and the calories were less, but I’ve eaten good fats, and our bodies need good fat!

So here’s my progress – do you want to share?


p.s click on the image if you can’t read it. I’ll post again next weekend. Making it public is keeping me focused.

All the very best for you.


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