Looking and Feeling Fantastic – at any size

Posted on by Denise Taylor

I’ve not been consistent in writing blog posts and posting on FaceBook. That’s going to change!

I’ve been a bit lost to the purpose of this blog/ newsletter – it’s not to sell my book, but if you buy it, that’s nice.

Nor is it to tell other people what they should do.

It’s about thinking and feeling and being fantastic at any size.

I know I have a few male subscribers but this is aimed at women, that’s who I relate to.

Looking back to before I set out on my health and fitness campaign I never saw myself as fantastic. I saw myself as FAT, and I didn’t like that!

I hated having photos taken, and deleted 95% of photos I ever appeared in, and most of the time I was behind the camera anyway. And I never smiled, and I hid behind props.

That’s such a shame.

I truly believe that we can look fabulous whatever size we are, and I’m on the lookout for people who do that.

I went into Cheltenham today, had a milkshake and waffles with maple syrup and bacon at a 1950s diner and looked and felt great.

Fat to Fantastic

Even after losing weight I didn’t always make the most of my appearance, I’d go out in jeans and a jumper.

But now … I’m putting on my lippy, doing my hair and making sure I wear something bright that looks good and makes me feel great.

And now I smile, properly!

Fat to Fantastic

What I plan to do now is to write motivational posts on Facebook each day, so if you haven’t liked the page, please do so, AND make sure you tick follow so my posts appear in your feed.

Probably once a week I’ll create a longer blog post, and I’ll link to this via Facebook.

Do you look and feel fantastic?

As I walked around Cheltenham this morning I realised that most people don’t look fantastic.

I was really looking hard for someone who walked with confidence and looked fantastic. Whilst I saw many in the 50s coffee shop, before this idea hit me, I didn’t see any afterwards. People were dressed in drab, badly fitting clothes, didn’t smile, and walked with their head down and shoulders scrunched. OK there were a very few teenagers who looked great but I’m talking of women, not teens.

And that’s a shame.

When did you last look and feel fantastic?

I want your photos, so tag me or Fat2Fantastic and I’ll get it out the Facebook page.


I’m so excited about this change of focus and I hope you are too.

With love, and I’m looking forward to a better connection with you on Facebook.


Denise x

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