It’s the weekend

Posted on by Denise Taylor

So today is Sunday … how were your food choices on Saturday?

Often we think ‘it’s the weekend’ and lighten up on our healthy eating, perhaps we had lunch out yesterday or went for a drink in the evening. And then on Sunday we have a big family lunch with wine and pudding.

Thing is we can end up undoing all our good work.

We need to make good choices.

Alcohol – it really interferes with our resolve, and it’s not just the calories in the alcohol but how it then makes us more likely to eat poor food choices – crisps, cheese and biscuits, kebab??

Food – yes of course we can have a roast potato, I intend to today, but perhaps just one not 4 and to skip the sources and be careful on pudding choices, perhaps to share a scrummy dessert with someone.

So all the best for your food choices today.

Me – will eat as usual during the day. We eat our roast in the evening and I’ll will have 1 roast potato and a magnum for pudding. And no alcohol. I’m keeping off the alcohol for the 6 weeks except for one evening when I’ve already for a ticket to go to a sherry tasting event!

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