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It’s been a long time since I’ve last written, sorry about that.

FAT to Fantastic

I felt like I had nothing to say.

But I now want to tell you what my eating habits have been like over the past 5 months – not as good as they could have been.

I’ve succumbed to what so many of us do – really cutting back on calories for a week or so and being so very strict, and even using meal replacement packs. Then deciding it was time to treat myself and going back onto my old favourites of cheese and crackers, chocolate and ice cream and alcohol!

My sister got married on Christmas Eve and I’d lost weight for that but since then I’ve put 6 pounds on. It’s not a huge amount but over the past few months I’ve lost and gained it over and over … and it’s still about 6 pounds heavier than what I ideally want to be – I want to get back to 11 stone 11. I love this as a target, a few pounds under 12 so a good target to keep under.

For me, depriving myself doesn’t work.

So I’m going back to what has worked in the past.

And I’m re-reading my book.


Back to first principles and following the advice Ben Carpenter gave me when I first started.


Eat Clean.

·         No processed foods

·         No potatoes, rice, pasta, bread

·         Cook with coconut oil

·         No sugar

·         No alcohol

·         And for the first 14 days no fruit.


This is the start of day 3, and so far all goes well.

If I’m hungry I’ll eat – meat and tomatoes; 15 grams of almonds and I’m eating every 3 hours so I should never get to feel ‘starving’

And I’m prioritising going to the gym 4 days a week for serious weight training. I’ll write more about this next time

I’m also making sure I get to bed earlier. I’ve got into the habit of staying up till midnight, so now I’m making sure I’m in bed by 10.30, and taking Zinc and Magnesium tablets to help me to sleep more deeply.

For now I just wanted to say hello, and to see how you are doing.

Do you want to join me on long term healthy eating?

The weight will go, but in the meantime we measure how we are feeling, have we got more energy? Are we feeling less despondent?

I’ll be in touch again next week, till then, all the very best and I’d love you to post a reply on my blog or Facebook page – let’s get a conversation going.

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