Don’t beat yourself up, slow progress is good

Posted on by Denise Taylor

Happy New Year.

It’s been a while since a blog post, sorry about that but with all the last minute work on my latest book – Getting the job you want, and with spending over a month away (travelling around IndoChina) I just didn’t have the time.

Three years on from making new year resolutions, was one of yours to lose the fat?

I always think January is a very hard time to make a change.  Dark nights and cold  weather doesn’t encourage us to go out and when we have really cold snaps like now we want to eat stodge.

But I don’t think we should beat ourselves up for slow progress, or give up and wait till Easter.

I also think we should embrace the slow approach to losing weight. It’s always a lovely feeling to get a big weight loss but mainly a big weight loss is our body adjusting to holding too much water and we should feel really pleased for a 1 pound weight loss. We’ve got 9 and a half weeks till Easter, so a pound a week can make a substantial difference by then – a 10 pound loss!


I want to remind you to drink enough water, and why. Our body needs water and if we don’t drink enough our body will hold more water, it seems a bit of a weird idea but if our body isn’t sure it will get enough water it will hold onto water, but once it realised it is getting plenty it will release the excess.

I have a pint glass on my desk and will make a note in my diary each time I feel it, would you like to do the same?


It does help to make a note of everything we eat. Logging down what we are going to eat, and perhaps checking out the calorie count can make us more conscious of a choice. I don’t count calories if I did I wouldn’t be eating smoked mackerel which is quite high in calories but it is a very good food and I’d rather eat this than a ready meal full of e numbers and bad chemicals. I know though that I can’t eat too many of these foods and I have been eating too many nuts. Yes almonds are good for me but not when I eat them
from the bag, I need to exercise portion control. I also need to say no when my husband offer for a G&T, opens a bottle of wine, leaves a packet of chocolate biscuits out in view …


Many of us struggle to lose weight through being stressed – we are so busy we don’t have time for us and then we worry that we aren’t losing weight. We have to be kind to ourselves and not to expect too much. We need to take time to relax each day and to make food eating a peaceful occasion where we eat slowly and mindfully rather than rush to eat as we work.

Don’t forget today is a new day, and the first day of the rest of your life. Whatever has gone before, you can make good choices from today, and do that most of the time and it’s fine to let go and go ‘off plan’ once or twice a week.

Wishing you every success, and as always, any questions post on this blog or on face book

Denise x

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