Denise is going to get fit and healthy – week 3

Posted on by Denise Taylor

3rd week of my healthy living and it’s still going really well. I weighed myself on Friday, my regular day and I’ve lost 3lb, so that is 13 lb in 3 weeks. Brilliant!

I have given 100% commitment to my new eating plan, no deviation at all. But only went to the gym 4 times – 2ce with my personal trainer, Ben Carpenter and 2ce on my own. Probably this should be the minimum and I should do 5 times a week.

I’m still taking Eskimo-3 after each meal – it’s meant to lead to faster weight loss but I don’t like it. It’s not so much the smell and taste but the sensation of oil going down my throat, and I’m having to take it 6 times a day, after each meal.

I bought some new trousers that I could barely zip up – these went up much easier today. I also checked on some other trousers – my black linen ones had a gap of four fingers across my tummy so a long way off doing them up, but they are almost ok now. So I tried on another pair of trousers that wouldn’t fit, and they do too, still snug but will be fine in a week or two.

I’ve also had some major improvements in my exercise and think I am doing 50% more than when I started with Ben so a great improvement – look at the improvement I’ve made.

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