Denise is going to get fit and healthy – week 2

Posted on by Denise Taylor

2nd week of my healthy living and all is going exceptionally well. I weighed myself on Friday, my regular day and I’ve lost 4lb, so that is 10 lb in 2 weeks. A really good start!

I have given 100% commitment to my new eating plan, no deviation at all. I think previously I’ve thought it ok to have a little extra here and there – a glass of wine, or two, cheese and biscuits there, some chocolate biscuits… and before long I’ve forgotten I’m on my diet.

So this time I’ve decided to be very goal focused, just like I encourage my clients to be with their job search.

So I am following my eating plan, and following my exercise plan. My personal trainer, Ben, has set me on a series of exercises and he has one rule – each time you have to go that little bit more – so if I have done 12 reps last time, it is 14 reps next time. I’m working out with him twice a week and last week also went to the gym on my own 3 times.

I’m also now taking Eskimo-3 after each meal – it’s meant to lead to faster weight loss

I already have a lot more energy, and it’s great to try on my trousers that were a snug fit last time and are now loose.

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