Dealing with challenges – just say no

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On the news today, 2 out of every 3 adults are overweight or obese or everyone is this category should aim to lose 3% of weight but this is unlikely to be enough, and if you have been making poor food choices you can probably lose this in a week! We know that incudes water, but it’s still a nice motivational start.

But we need to keep going.

We need to deal with challenges.

Just say no

Say no

So what do we do in certain situations?

Last night I went out to a meeting in a pub – they didn’t sell sparkling mineral water and I considered a lime and soda. But lime cordial is full of sugar so I opted for soda with a slice of lemon, a better choice and a bonus was it was very cheap.

I had eaten before I went and wasn’t tempted by crisps and nuts, but if there had been a buffet I’d have made sure to have eaten before I left and to have just eaten some protein and salad and said no to everything else.

Today is not my day for a cheat/treat meal so I find it better to just say no.

Evening Snacks

I did feel like eating both last night and the night before. Last night instead I had 2 cups of earl grey tea.

The evening before I was on the radio, the guest on a phone in show on Radio 5 Live. The car came to collect me at 11.20 and I knew I wouldn’t get home till gone 01.30 and I’d probably want to eat carbs. So I pre-empted this by having two scrambled eggs with a bit of smoked salmon before I left. If I’d planned ahead I’d have boiled 2 eggs but it was with less than 15 minutes before being collected that I thought about this.

How are you doing?

I’d love to hear how you are getting on, do use the comment box below.

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