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An inspirational story of achieving massive weight loss!

This is a detailed diary of 2 years of struggle, set backs and overall success. Just like you Denise cheats and makes excuses, she has set backs, but she gets back on track. This make for a real story, not a fairy tale.

If a 54 year old woman can lose the weight, and just as importantly end up with a toned body, imagine what embracing the advice in this book will do for you.

‘A funny and inspirational story of highs, lows, facts and tips, bits in between, laughs and more, it will inspire you to do what you need to do’. Emma Brace


Introduction from Simon (the husband)
Introduction from Emma (the personal trainer)

The Past

Why we struggle

  • Conflicting advice – who do you believe?
  • The need to care for yourself
  • Emotional eating

Psychology of weight loss

  • Loving not loathing
  • Motivation – why do we want to lose weight?
  • Imagining the future
  • Self talk
  • Our beliefs can affect our weight
  • Determination/ Self efficacy
  • Have a role model

October 2009:  Getting Started

November 2009:  Highly Motivated

December 2009:  Resisting Temptation

January 2010:  First Setbacks

February 2010:  Great Progress

March 2010:  Keeping Strong

April 2010:  Changing Trainers

May 2010:  Being Tempted

June 2010:  First Plateau

July 2010:  Compliments

August 2010:  Looking Great, Size 14!

September 2010:  Second Plateau

October 2010:  Regaining Focus

November & December 2010:  Strong But Feeling Down

January – April 2011:  Ups And Downs

May- September 2011:  More Ups And Downs

October – November 2011:  Final Push

Epilogue – Looking, Feeling And Acting Fantastic



Key Principles Of The Paleo Diet

  • What you can eat
  • What to avoid

1 week Menu – Low Carb Diet

Weight Loss Graph


Sample Strength Training Programme – Beginners

Sample Strength Training Programme – Advanced

Cardio Workout

Key Terms

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