1. Do you get enough sleep?

    When I first started on my healthy eating /living lifestyle Ben, my first personal trainer told me about the importance of sleep. Get enough sleep Most of us don’t get enough sleep, putting our bodies under stress. Ideally we should … Continue reading

  2. Stress can make us fat

    Many people wonder why they aren’t losing weight despite plenty of exercise and eating healthy. It can often be down to stress There are many types of stress. Stress can be caused by emotional, hormonal or physical triggers such as … Continue reading

  3. Eat like an Olympian

    I read this in The Sunday Times, What you can learn from the diet of Olympic athletes: Exercise before breakfast to help your body become more efficient at burning fat. Ideally, have dinner at about 6pm and do some light … Continue reading

  4. w/c 30 July

    Monday 30 July My weight has held steady despite having my carb meal last night.  My carb meal was duck with stuffing (not ideal choice but had been in freezer for months) plus veggies cooked in coconut oil, 250ml glass … Continue reading

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