About Denise

Denise TaylorI was very fat, I think I had the opposite of anorexia, I’d look in the mirror, which wasn’t very often, and used to think that I looked ok, but clearly I was kidding myself.

We are far more than our size. I’m also a chartered psychologist and an award winning career coach with Amazing People. I help people to understand who they are to help them identify a great career path and then support them to get the job they want. A lot of the work I do is motivational and I’ve used these techniques on myself.

I’ve had six books published with my 7th later this year:

  • FAT to Fantastic, January 2012
  • How to Get a Job in a Recession, 2nd edition, October 2011
  • Now you’ve been shortlisted, February 2010 – a best seller!
  • Winning Interview Answers for First-time Job Hunters, October 2009
  • How to Get a Job in a Recession, March 2009
  • 17th Century Wedding Customs, 1997

Outside of work I’m passionate about music and love living in the country. I now love fitness and health too!

To read more you can visit other websites
My Personal Website – http://www.denisetaylor.co.uk
My Main Business Website – http://www.amazingpeople.co.uk