7 weeks till Christmas – what are your health goals?

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Being Active

Clocks going back, darker evenings, cold and wet weather … has this affected your activity levels?

In the warmer months it’s much easier to go for a walk but harder to go out with the rain lashing down. Are you begin to get less active?

What sort of activity do you like best? I’m happy to go to the gym and enjoy lifting weights, I find it satisfying that over the weeks I can raise bigger weights, for example over the past 6 weeks when doing a 1 arm row I started at 7kg and I’m now using a 10kg weight.

Not everyone like free weights, so perhaps you would prefer using the cardio equipment, the treadmill, cross trainer, rowing machine.

But maybe you prefer classes. These aren’t only held at gyms but also village halls. Local to me I could do circuits on a Thursday evening but what I prefer is Zumba classes, I now go twice a week, and also Fit Steps which is dance steps as part of an exercise routine.

I also go dancing and I’m learning ballroom, latin, jazz jive and Lindy hop. It’s brilliant because my husband is learning as well and it’s giving us a shared interest and we practice every day.

We can be active as part of our daily lives – walking to the shops, using the stairs instead of a lift, standing up as we talk on the phone but sometimes it is useful to have something specific in the diary. If you don’t want to go out you could use an exercise DVD, use WII Fit or even marching on the spot while watching TV.

Are you active enough? What would you like to do? Can you set a goal?

Eating Healthy

There’s so much chocolate in the shops – we bought a tin of Quality Street and ate it in just a few days. I thought I’d be able to have control and keep it till Christmas, but it was too easy to have the box open as we watched TV, my old habits came back, so no more large quantities of chocolate in the health.

Have you got a strategy in place to deal with being offered mince pies etc? It can help to eat healthy before going out so you are less likely to be tempted.

This could also be a good time to make some homemade soups to ensure we eat enough vegetables.

Setting Goals

It’s just over 5 years since I started my weight loss journey. 3rd October 2009 I weighted 18 stone 13 pounds and make a clear decision to lose the weight for good. I did get as big as 22.5 stone and had lost 6 stone but then began regaining weight.

I always remember in early-mid November seeing a poster in the gym from one of the other personal trainers advertising services to start working out with a personal trainer in January. With 7 weeks to go many people could have lost nearly a stone by Christmas, making a decision to start losing weight in 9 or 10 weeks could mean a decision to eat and eat, knowing you will lose weight in January.

Better to focus now.

You may decide to go on a crash diet, and there is evidence that this can be just as successful as taking it more slowly. Or you may decide to eat a bit less and exercise a bit more.

If you would like to lose some weight, making a start now will mean you are ahead of the possible weight gain over Christmas, how great will it be to lose 7 or more pounds by then.

When you set a goal – whether it be more exercise, a change of diet, make a note of where you are now – your weight, your measurements, and how you feel. You can then see where you get to in 6 weeks.

All the best


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