3 weeks on and 9 pounds down

Posted on by Denise Taylor

Ok so it’s over a week since my last post.

I guess I needed some feedback/ comments on the blog to keep me going. I’m thinking that no one is reading this.

So this update is just for me.

I’ve got REALLY focused and in 3 weeks lost 9 pounds. I know that’s not fat, and I’d had a bit of a carb fest so lost 3 pounds within 2 days.


I’m not going to discount that I’ve kept my focus and I’ve now cut my food to about 1200 calories a day – so still Paleo but also mindful of calories. I’m not going to eat lots of smoked mackerel just because it is healthy.

I’ve also increased my exercise so instead of a 2 mile walk, which, if I’m honest was not done as fast as I can I’m now doing 1 of three things

  1. Working out with weights
  2. Cardio – walking uphill and the cross trainer
  3. Aqua Aerobics, giving it everything I can.

I’ve done this before and both times I’ve got a really good weight loss.

I know we should be happy with a pound a week but isn’t it nicer to see a difference.

I’m now feeling so much better, it’s having a real positive impact on my mental health.

I’ve come along way, 10 weeks ago I was still using a wheel chair and could barely walk. Now I may still have a fat leg due to my DVT but at least I feel better, and look better.

So how are you getting on?





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